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4 Window Problems In Winter

During the winter, it's more important than ever that your windows help to keep your home warm and safe.

They might not be letting as much light in during the shorter days, but they can still protect you and make sure your home is comfortable. You should be aware of any

problems that they might have.

Condensation on Windows

Condensation around windows can be a problem in many homes. It happens when moisture in the air meets the cold windows. It can help to ensure your home is properly heated and ventilated, but sometimes you might require repairs to your windows too.

Damp Around Windows

Sometimes you might also get damp around your windows. Window damp can occur from condensation, but could also happen because of structural problems. It might be that your windows need to be sealed properly to prevent moisture from outside getting into your home through any gaps.

Window Draughts

A draught around your window isn't something that you want when you're trying to keep your home warm. It will make your home less energy-efficient and mean that you're constantly battling against the cold. You might need to reseal your windows to get rid of any draughts that are coming in.

Broken Windows

The last thing that you want to deal with in the winter is a broken window. Windows can break because poor weather blowing something into them, or due to accidents or criminals. When you have a broken window, get it fixed as soon as possible to make your home secure again.


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