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5 Things to Remember before Painting Plastered Walls

You can’t paint a wall straight after you’ve plastered it. To make sure that the finished walls look absolutely perfect, you will need to make sure that you take some steps before you pull out a paint pot. Here are five things you will need to remember.

Seal The Walls

First of all, you will need to seal the plaster. This will ensure that the top layer of paint sticks and dries to it better. This will also make sure that the plaster isn’t too absorbent.

Apply An Emulsion

Once the plaster has been sealed, it’s time to apply a watered-down emulsion. This will drip a lot more than regular emulsion, so be sure to keep on cleaning up after yourself otherwise drips could dry and be very noticeable.

Sort Out Any Damp

If there is damp in the room, then some patches of plaster might not dry properly. You will need to apply a damp sealant to these patches.

Apply A Base Coat

If you are going to paint the wall white, you will first need to apply a base coat. Otherwise, the plaster might show up through the white paint no matter how many layers you apply to the wall.

Find The Right Kind Of Pain

Make sure you have the right kind of paint to use on the wall. Paints all have different purposes and can be used on specific surfaces, so make sure you get the right kind for painting onto plastered walls.

Now you are ready to paint plastered walls!


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