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5 Ways to Protect your Roof

Without the roof on your home, all you're going to do is see stars. You need a roof in your home, and you need it to cover your house properly without leaks and without risk of inclement weather damaging your home. Roof maintenance is as essential as any other maintenance in your home, and you should be looking after your roof every three to six months.

Focusing specifically on how to take care of your roof in winter and summer will help you to ensure that you can avoid too many roof replacements. With these five tips, you can protect your roof easily.

1. Choose Metal. Metal roofs do not have shingles for snow and ice to build up underneath, which is why they're popular for those choosing a new roof.

2. Insulate. The attic under the roof needs insulation so that you don't lose too much heat through the roof if there is a problem.

3. Clean Gutters. With a build-up of water and debris in the gutters, you can end up with a house that is suffering from leaks and damage. Clean the gutters, and you won't have this problem.

4. Use Heat Tape. Install heat tape on your roof and the gutters to stop the constant thaw and freeze issue affecting your roof. It'll melt the snow and prevent the build-up.

5. Trim The Trees. Trees outside that can drop branches onto your roof are a problem, and trimming them back is important so that you don't end up with a log smashing your roof.


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