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Top 5 Bathroom Design Tips

Are you planning a bathroom renovation and want to know some handy tips? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ve listed our top five bathroom design tips for 2019:

Choose a theme

The best bathrooms look good because everything fits together and follows a theme. Your theme can be anything you want; modern, rustic, minimalist, etc. Look at some bathroom trends 2019 for added inspiration, then settle on your theme. From here, everything you do is built around your theme, giving you a sense of direction.

Save space

Design your bathroom with space in mind. A cramped bathroom is horrible, so think about where everything will be placed. Our advice is to only include essential bathroom furniture as some take up to much space. For example, do you really need a bath or can you live with just a shower?

Use clever storage options

Bathrooms end up with lots of bottles, towels, and who knows what else, lying around them. As such, they can quickly get cluttered. So, design your bathroom using clever storage options. Cabinets on walls, towel racks, shelves in the shower; the list goes on.

Get everything professionally fitted

Don’t try and handle the bathroom fitting yourself. There are lots of plumbing fixtures in bathrooms, and the chances are you’ll just break something. If you want your bathroom to look good and function correctly, then get the job done by professionals who are experienced in bathroom installation.

Consider the lighting options

The lighting in your bathroom really helps transform it from good to great. Consider your options; LED lights work well as they fit in the ceiling and brighten up the place. However, adding a dimmer switch to the bathroom design can help you create the perfect mood lighting.

At the end of the day, everyone has different tastes. But, if you follow our five tips, then you will be able to conjure up a bathroom design that ticks all of your boxes.


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